I completed my PhD at the University of California Berkeley in 2019 under the supervision of Nicholas J. Mills. I then worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences from 2019-2021 with Ola Lundin and Riccardo Bommarco. I am interested in conservation biological control, community ecology, sustainable agriculture and the effects of climate change on invertebrate community structure and phenology. My prior research focused on the effects of land-use intensity on pest insect communities as well as conservation biological control. I also analyzed long-term datasets to answer questions about the changing phenology of pest species and the relevance of indirect interaction in agricultural insect communities.

Currently, I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology. My current projects use population and community ecology research to increase sustainable crop protection in agriculture. Analyses of long-term data sets of agricultural pest species that incorporate remote sensing landscape variables are being used to identify broad ecological patterns in agricultural systems. This project is being carried out in collaboration with Daniel Karp, Jay Rosenheim and Rebecca Chaplin Kramer.

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