A critical challenge for humanity is conserving biodiversity and safeguarding Earth’s life-support systems while still producing enough food to maintain basic standards of human wellbeing. The Karp Lab Group in the Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation biology at UC Davis draws from both basic and applied ecological research to advance an integrated vision and strategy for conservation and production in agro-ecosystems. We firmly believe that strategic adjustments in agricultural practices can yield wins for conservation, food production, and rural livelihoods. To identify such practices, we employ a variety of observational, experimental, modeling, laboratory, and synthetic approaches and draw from multiple disciplines, including agro-ecology, conservation biology, environmental economics, evolutionary ecology, and molecular biology.

Check out this short overview of our work in the tropics:



Daniel Karp
Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology
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email: dkarp@ucdavis.edu; office phone: (530) 752-2108;  twitter: @dskarp